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The Nanomedicines Characterization Core Facility implements the UNC Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery (CNDD) mission of accelerating translation of new nanomedicines into clinic by providing comprehensive physicochemical characterization of nanoscale entities.

NCore is an open resource and functions on a fee for service basis. We welcome users from academia as well as from industry, government labs and other institutions to utilize our experience and our technological infrastructure.

Physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials provides a comprehensive body of information that can predict behavior of nanomaterials and nanomedicines in biological environments both in vitro and in vivo.

NCore offers characterization of several classes of nanomaterials:

  • Polymer conjugates
  • Polymeric micelles
  • Liposomes
  • Nanogels
  • Polyion complexes of small drugs and biomacromolecules (proteins, DNA, and RNA)
  • Inorganic/metal nanoparticles
  • Bio-derived nanoparticles such as exosomes with protein and nucleic acid cargo
  • And others

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