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Nanomedicines Characterization Core Facility is part of the UNC Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery (CNDD).

Nanoparticles fabrication:

Exosomes isolation and characterization:

Analytical analysis:

In Vitro Assays:

  • Protein concentration (BCA assay).
  • Endotoxin contamination (LAL assay).
  • In vitro stability analysis.
  • In vitro drug release analysis.
  • In vitro cellular uptake, transfection and toxicity analysis.

Data analysis and presentation:

  • We offer expert opinion related to study design, sample selection/collection and storage, proposal review and development, manuscript development and review.

NCore collaborates with other Cores on UNC’s campus (TEM, Proteomics, Flow Cytometry, NMR, etc.) to facilitate comprehensive analysis of the samples.