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Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

NanoSight NS500 (Malvern Panalytical, Ltd, UK)

  • Detailed and intuitive analysis of the size distribution and concentration
  • Visual validation of results gives extra confidence
  • Minimal sample preparation

Laser wavelength: 532 nm

Long pass fluorescent filter: 565 nm

Size range (diameter): 30 nm to 1000 nm

Concentration: 107 to 109 particles per ml

Sample volume: 20 – 100 ul

 Key applications:

  • Size distribution and polydispersity
  • Sample concentration
  • Protein aggregation studies
  • Exosomes and microvesicles (extracellular vesicles) characterization
  • Fluorescently labelled exosome and nanoparticles analysis

Capillary Electrophoresis System

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System (SCIEX, Framingham, MA)

  • Automated and quantitative analysis of biotherapeutics
  • Highly reproducible data

Key applications:

  • Quantitative protein purity analysis with SDS-Gel Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Advanced capillary isoelectric focusing and hi-speed capillary zone electrophoresis for charge heterogeneity analysis
  • Glycan analysis
  • Peptide and protein biotherapeutics beyond mAbs
  • Plasmid/Nucleic Acid purity, heterogeneity and sizing analysis


Dynamic Light Scattering/Zeta Potential meter

Zetasizer Nano ZS (Malvern Panalytical, Ltd, UK)

  • Simple, rapid, repeatable and non-destructive technique
  • Low volume sample measurement (for valuable proteins and biopolymer samples)
  • Size measurement at low concentrations

Light Source: 633 nm

Accuracy: Better than +/-2% on NIST traceable latex standards 0.12µm·cm/V·s for aqueous systems using NIST, SRM1980 standard reference material

Size range (diameter): 0.3 nm to 10 μm

Size range for Zeta potential: 3.8 nm to 100 μm

Key applications:

  • Proteins and polymer analysis
  • Size determination
  • Polydispersity index determination
  • Zeta potential measurements

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

SpectraMax M5 (Molecular Devices, San Jose, CA)

  • Endpoint, kinetic, spectral and well scanning
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Temperature controlled measurements

Plate formats: 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 wells

Light source: Xenon Flash Lamp (1 joule/flash)

Shaker time: 0 to 999 seconds

Absorbance wavelength range: 200 nm to 1000 nm

Fluorescence wavelength range: 250 nm to 850 nm

Key applications:

  • Cell migration assays
  • Cell viability and cytotoxicity assays
  • ELISAs
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Fluorescent proteins
  • Protease assays
  • Protein assays
  • QBT fatty acid uptake assays
  • Reporter gene assays

Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer

Nicolet 380 (ThermoFisher Scientific, Waltham, MA)

  • Reveal the composition of solids and liquids
  • Easy to use, sensitive and fast

Key applications:

  • Routine FT-IR analysis in the mid-IR region
  • Material identification and verification
  • Formulation development and validation
  • Quality control processes for incoming and outgoing materials
  • Copolymer and blend assessment
  • Additive identification and quantification
  • Contaminant identification
  • Molecular degradation assessment

UV-Vis Spectrometer

Lambda 25 (PerkinElmer, Inc., Waltham, MA)

  • Fast scanning with no compromise in analytical performance
  • Ideal match for most routine UV/Vis applications and regulatory tests
  • Gives fast and reliable results time after time

Range: 190 nm  to 1100 nm

Bandwidth: 1 nm (fixed)

Key applications:

  • Routine UV/Vis testing
  • Liquids analysis
  • Pharmacopeia and regulatory tests